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"An IFBB Pro and Judge Pulled Me Aside At A Competition I Was A Spectator At And Asked Me, "WHAT ARE YOU DOING FOR LEGS?"


In 8 Months I LITERALLY Transformed My Legs From Average To AMAZING... And The Top Authorities Wanted My SECRET...

My PERSONAL Results After Using My "Killer Quads"
Leg Training System...

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After - Ripped

Download My PROVEN Leg Training Program Now...
Contains a FULL Muscle Building Phase AND a FULL Cutting Phase



Get The FACTS And Learn How YOU Can Transform Your Legs Into A Muscular And Defined Work-Of-Art Using My Proven Leg Training System!


"I just had to say wow, I never felt my legs burn like that before, especially during the standing calve raises, yep almost to tears. It was great. I never did high and low reps combined before, it was fun to do something different. Not only that, it's effective! "Killer Quads" is my leg training Bible!"

Jamie Lesnesky
Olyphant, PA


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Is your current leg workout ineffective and feel like you are only spinning your wheels?
red question mark
Are your legs skinny and wimpy?
red question mark
Is your leg training stuck in a rut and nothing seems to pull your leg training through?
red question mark
Are your legs too big and giggly?
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Have you tried EVERY leg training program available and still haven't received impressive results?
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Are your legs shapeless?
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Has the mass amount of leg training information on the Internet confused you beyond belief?
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Is your proportion off?
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Do you constantly wear long pants to hide your embarrassing legs?
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Are you at your wits end and nearly ready to throw in the towel all together?

Download My PROVEN Leg Training Program Now...


If I could show you how to Precisely Design a leg workout for women that's SCIENTIFICALLY ENGINEERED using PROVEN TECHNIQUES to maximize leg strength and development, and even cut and define them in a very short amount of time, would you be interested?

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From the desk of: Karen Sessions, NSCA-CPT
Author of,
Killer Quads


Dear Fellow Athlete,

You are an avid lifter. You put BLOOD, SWEAT, and TEARS into your leg training workout each week. You utilize each set and repetition to its fullest. Through ALL your continual dedication and effort, you step back to view your legs in the mirror, only to be left disappointed at your lack of leg development.

Does this sound familiar?

You don't have to be left in the dark any longer...

I'm about to share with you a NEW REVOLUTIONARY PROGRAM that outlines a simple, straight-forward, and Proven Leg Training System that makes leg growth, strength, and cutting so easy that you will have everyone in the gym begging for your secret.

That's right. I will show you the EXACT LEG TRAINING system that I Developed and Used to go from this...

leg exercises before after
...to this in just 24 weeks! Building AND Cutting Phases Included

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That's right. The before picture (left) was after 9 years of training. I pounded away at the iron game implementing EVERY training and muscle growth factor I could find to create a great pair of legs. As you can see, my results were limited.

I finally got fed-up and took my leg training to a new level by using PRECISE TRAINING and NUTRITION STRATEGIES to EMPOWER my leg training and leg growth.

The leg growth training system I created and followed produced DRAMATIC RESULTS after just 24 weeks, as the after picture (right) shows. Yes, the after picture was taken only 6 months after the before picture.

Aren't you, too, tired of the same old leg training program that has been proven to be ineffective? Aren't you tired of the empty promises that plague the message boards and fitness magazines?

Would you like these same outstanding leg growth results as I received 100% NATURALLY?

Are you ready for the leg training truth, and to learn how you can build power and well-developed legs that turn heads?

PROVEN Leg Training Program to Build Head-Turning Legs...



Before I Go Any Further, Allow Me To Introduce Myself...

My name is Karen Sessions. I am a multi-certified personal fitness instructor and success coach. Over the years of helping clients online I have been BOMBARDED with questions and concerns about how to train legs to get results.

With the mass amount of e-mails regarding leg training I set out and wrote my entire leg development system out in FULL DETAIL, everything from nutrition, to training, to supplementing.

The "Killer Quad Leg Training System" I created is a 2 phase leg training system that will increase your leg strength by 80% and increase your leg size by 45% in just 12 leg workouts (phase #1 - building)

Imagine the feeling of having an awesome pair of legs that are strong, shapely, and balanced. Just imagine how well great legs look in shorts or a swimsuit.

Stop Getting Overlooked onStage...



Introducing My Proven Leg Workout for Women System - Killer Quads...

Killer Quads Gives You An Easy, Step-By-Step Leg Training Program That Will Increase Your Leg Strength And Size 10-Fold. . .

Killer Quads is the first eBook designed to building and cutting your legs!

25 Year Natural Lady Bodybuilder Reveals Her Secrets To AMAZING Leg Development...Revised 2014 Edition!

Nothing Beats A Great Pair Of Legs

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Imagine Having Legs That Push Massive Amounts Of Weight That Turned Every Head In The Gym...

I'm not going to lie to you. When I started lifting I had bird legs. They were so under developed compared to my upper body. My under developed legs are what held me back my first 2 years of competing in women's bodybuilding

After the shows I would ask all the judges, including the head judge, about my placement.... They ALL said my legs needed to be brought up to speed with the rest of my body. That is what set me out to develop this PROVEN Leg Training System. I went from squatting 155 pounds to 385 pounds in just months... and ALL NATURALLY!

Can you imagine the Mental High and Pump I was having squatting that amount of weight at 5'4" and 135 pounds, and being a woman!? I'm not bragging, but I was the head-turner in the gym. People actually stopped training to watch my huge lifts, including big squats, leg press, etc.

My unique "Killer Quads Leg Training System" will supply you with:

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The 8 rules you MUST implement to build massive and ripped legs. (page 18)
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The #1 leg training mistake 98% of the lifters use that prevents great leg development and how YOU can avoid it. (page 29)
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The 9 factors you MUST implement into your leg training to build astounding legs (page 31)


"YOUR BOOKS ARE FANTASTIC!!!!! I have since bought "Killer Quads" (I'm on week 4). Thank you for putting such invaluable information and instruction out there. The men in the gym are asking me what I am doing different. Isn't it great!"

Valarie Antor

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99% Of The Lifters In The Gym Are Training Legs ALL WRONG...

You know, it's not that you are incapable of developing great legs that make the largest bodybuilder in the gym weep... It's simply because you've been training legs completely wrong.

Many lifters are severely overtraining their legs, halting their potential muscle gains. On the flip-side there's a whole host of lifters that are radically under training their legs. figure competitor legs

Neither Approach is Effective.

To make matters worse, one person tells you to do high repetitions for legs and another person tells you to do low repetitions for legs.

Where Does That Leave You?

Stuck in the middle and not knowing what to do and you end up either over training or under training your legs and continually running around in circles.

You are just in total and complete information overload. That's right... You have so much information, and granted most of it may be good... You just don't know how to apply any of it effectively.


My "Killer Quads" EXCLUSIVE Leg Training Program is THE PRECISE way of training your legs to UNLEASH Mind-Blowing Growth and Creating Killer Cuts in record time and 100% NATURALLY.

It's so easy that it literally takes you by the hand and walks you through each and every leg training routine, providing you the EXACT Exercises, Sets, and Reps to do.

I Mean, How Much Easier Can it Get?


Right Now Get Immediate Access to:

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A simple squatting technique to TRIPLE your squat power and DOUBLE your leg gains in record time. (page 41)
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The SECRET to boosting your stiff-legged dead lift power and TRIPLE your hamstring development in a matter of weeks. (page 52)
red arrow pointing right
SHOCKING myth used by nearly everyone training legs that it ineffective and will cause knee damage.... and how you can avoid it. (page 62)
red arrow pointing right
THE complete step-by-step mass building program mapped out in FULL DETAIL for 3 solid months. (page 75)
red arrow pointing right
2 SHOCK principles to incorporate in your leg training to dramatically sky-rocket your leg training intensity and create a growth spurt. (page 79)
red arrow pointing right
The ONE innovative leg training principle you should implement that WILL boost power, strength, and size right through the roof. (page 80)

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Yeah, I Hear Ya, But Can I REALLY Build That Type Of Leg Mass In Just 12 Weeks?

That is a common question, and I can appreciate it, too. The answer is, YES. You can 100% ABSOLUTELY make Astounding Leg Development Changes in Just 12 Weeks. ripped legs

Conventional leg training programs just don't work. Just look at the other lifters in the gym and their so-called leg development. Sure, you see people training legs all the time... but what do they have to show for it? Is there really any dramatic improvement?

I'm pulling the curtain back and EXPOSING the Leg Training SECRETS...

There IS a PRECISE way to train your legs to Unleash Muscle Growth and to Cut and Define them beyond what you can imagine.

Not only that, you can have these Leg Training Insider Secrets right at your finger tips in a matter of minutes!

Finally... THE Secret Leg Training System that exposes THE PRECISE Leg Training format to build crazy legs size, then exposes how to Rip Them To Shreds.

Get THE Advanced Professional Leg Training Secrets to PROPEL your leg training and leg development into super sonic mode in this easy Step-by-Step Program. It’s the science behind the training that makes it unique and effective.


Hey Karen,

"I have purchased a couple of your books and I have really enjoyed them.  I am 44 yrs old 120 lbs approximately 12% BF.  My upper body is incredible, extremely muscular and vascular. I have followed your program in "Killer Quads" and have had huge gains."

Crystal Fashinbauer

Click Here to Unlock The Secret Doubling You Leg Size



It's An Easy Two Phase Process: Phase 1 Build Your Legs And Phase 2 Shred Your Legs...

One of the BIGGEST mistakes lifters make when training legs is total lack of direction. On top of that they have total leg training confusion. What do I mean by this? Well, one week they arechris popetraining legs to get them cut and the next week they are training legs to build mass. This constant back and forth training variation is one key factor why lifters are not getting leg training results.

A properly structured leg training program will take you through a muscle building phase to first put on muscle. You have to have leg muscles to get them cut and defined. You can't cut and define what's not there and you can't cut and define fat.

Luckily, the "Killer Quads Leg Training System" is the Key to UNLOCK your true leg development potential to build powerful legs and then totally rip them to shreds.

If you don't have this format down and followed properly, you'll be on the leg training merry-go-round forever.

If you have skinny legs the "Killer Quads Leg Training System" will build them up, and then show you how to cut them for that sweet definition.

If you have massive and muscular bolder legs lacking shape and detail the "Killer Quads Leg Training System" will rip them up for you, revealing the AWESOME Cuts and Definition.

Sure, it’s going to take work, but the "Killer Quads Leg Training System" will lessen that work time and double, if not TRIPLE your results.


The "Killer Quads Leg Training System" will take you by the hand and EXPOSE...

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The 4 ESSENTIAL elements you MUST include in your program to shred your legs in record time. (page 82)
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How to strategically implement cardio to create cuts and even keep your muscle. (page 84)
red arrow pointing right
THE complete step-by-step cutting program mapped out in FULL DETAIL for 3 solid months. (page 85)
red arrow pointing right
4 SHOCK principles you MUST incorporate in your leg cutting program to create deep cuts and freaky striations. (page 88)
Click Here to Get INSTANT ACCESS to This Amazing Leg Training System


Ok, But What About Calves? My Calves Need Just As Much Help As My Upper Legs...

Calves are no problem. When you build large, muscular, and powerful legs you need a pair of well-developed calves to go along with them to add balance and proportion to your physique.

There is a calf training problem that plagues every gym. I constantly see lifters training calves in a variety of crazy ways, none of which produce calf growth. What's worse is I hear a lot of bad calf training advice in the gym and in articles on the Internet... and some if the advice can be dangerous!

The Killer Quads Leg Training System has a complete calf training section to build massive size and width on your calves, making them well-rounded and balanced. This precise calf training system will create the upside down heart that so many lifters are after.

There is a Scientifically Engineered Format to train your calves that will produce growth in a very short amount of time. It's all in how you implement each exercise, set, and rep.


The "Killer Quads" Calf Training System will...

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Teach you the absolute BEST calf training exercise to build that solid rock calf structure and chisel out that upside down heart. (page 94)
red arrow pointing right
Give you the SECRET formula to build ultimate calf size, power, and strength. (page 95)
red arrow pointing right
Guide you on the "toes-in" and "toes-out" calf training myth on hitting the inner and outer calves and the dangers of it. (page 98)
red arrow pointing right
Teach you how to REALLY target the inner and outer calves effectively. (page 99)
red arrow pointing right
Show you the absolute BEST calf training exercise to build total calf width. (page 100)
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Show you how to build the forgotten muscle to double your lower leg development. (page 102)

"Killer Quads" Calf Training System will show you how you can overstep genetics and beef up your under developed and skinny calves, making you the talk of the town.

Get the complete Killer Calf Training Program week by week, exercise by exercise, set by set, and rep by rep... It's ALL laid out for you every step of the way.

Learn all my SHOCKING techniques to ignite GROWTH in the off-season, and how to get your legs RIPPED TO SHREADS.

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So... Isn't It Time You Built And Shredded Your Legs?

How much would you expect to pay to receive this one-of-a-kind Leg Training System that actually builds leg muscle and strength naturally, noticing results in just weeks?

After YEARS of Research and Trial and Error, I have devised the ULTIMATE Leg Training Program. Considering the amount of leg mass you can build by taking advantage of these never-before-revealed Leg Training Secrets and Techniques... Certainly hundred of dollars would not be unreasonable.

You are sure to build outstanding leg muscle and shed the fat if you apply my PROVEN Leg Training System... but relax; you won't have to pay hundreds of dollars to receive this Killer Quad Leg Training System.

In Fact, if you order RIGHT NOW and you can take total advantage of my special introductory offer and just pay $47 - a savings of $30 off the regular price of $77!

Yep, you read that right. You will only pay $47 to receive my incredible leg training system to build massive leg muscles knock off fat.

But, you must hurry... This special introductory offer will not last long. This leg training system is much too valuable and in too much demand to keep it at this ridiculous low price!

So, act now before it's too late...


But Wait... That's Not All...

If you purchase Killer Quads IMMEDIATELY I'll also include 4, yes 4 eBooks (at no extra cost) at a value of $60.00!

You will receive Muscle Building and Fat Loss Recipes, The Creatine Report, The Whey It Is, and Delicious Body-Sculpting Recipes & Smoothies!

Bonus #1

fat loss recipes

By ordering The Killer Quads Leg Training System RIGHT NOW I will give this recipe eBook loaded with over 25 delicious Tasty Fat Loss & Muscle Gaining Recipes.

This recipe eBook will give you wonderful ideas for planning out your daily meals. No more boring cans of tuna and bowls of plain oatmeal. You'll learn some outstanding recipes for meals such as:

$17 Value... Yours today at no extra cost!

Bonus #2

the creatine report

In addition to ordering Killer Quads RIGHT NOW I will also give you The Creatine Report eBook.

This creatine eBook is 100% completely dedicated to discussing the ins and outs of the most popular supplement to hit the bodybuilding circuit, creatine! Find out if it's the one supplement that can boost your muscle gains beyond belief. Here is just some of what you will learn...

$17 Value... Yours today at no extra cost!

Bonus #3

the whey it is pdf

Not only THAT! Order right now and I'll also toss in Will Brink's kick-butt on whey protein, The Whey It Is!

That's right... You can learn the real truth about whey protein; the different kinds of whey's, the pros and cons of concentrates, the list goes on and one. But, you can only get it if you order Killer Quads right now!

This is a sweet deal you can't pass up! Go ahead and get your bonus whey eBook right now when your purchase Killer Quads.

$17 Value... Yours today at no extra cost!

Bonus #4

body sculpting recipes and smoothies

But wait, that's not all... No Way! If you order right now I'll also toss in this cool and delicious Body-Sculpting Recipes & Smoothies eBook.

That's right, you'll get well over 25 tasty fat burning and muscle building smoothie recipes to make your leg training much more fun.

This is a sweet deal, but you have to act now!

$17 Value... Yours today at no extra cost!


Stop Wasting Time And Start Building Head-Turning Legs NOW


That's a sweet deal. Since you want the best for your money, I will also toss in 4 exciting Bonus Reports. But you gotta act fast!!

You will be amazed at what these bonus reports uncover and they are all yours at no extra cost, just for ordering the Killer Quads advanced leg training system RIGHT NOW!!

bonus reports

Bonus Report #1 - Are You Cut Out For It?
This amazing report helps you identify your personality and character in regards to bodybuilding and fitness. It will help you discover why training works, or may not work in your favor. The benefit of this report is to categorize yourself so you can improve on your weaknesses.

Bonus Report #2 - The Hidden Dangers In Food
This one-of-a-kind report discusses the hidden dangers in everyday food. Get all the detailed facts on the dangers of hydrogenated fat/trans fat and refined carbs. When you have the facts, you have the knowledge, and knowledge is POWER !

Bonus Report #3 - The Silent Stalker
This extraordinary report introduces the silent stalker that could be halting your muscle gains and fat loss abilities. Discover who the silent stalker is and how to prevent it from destroying all your hard work.

Bonus Report #4 - Preventing Injuries
This unique report reveals 10 tips and tricks on how to prevent getting injuries during high-intensity training. Don't let this info pass you by!

VIP Membership Package
With Killer Quads VIP Membership package you will receive updates of Killer Quads when it's revised. This VIP package also covers if you lose your eBook or your computer crashes. You will always have a copy of Killer Quads with your VIP Membership package.


Build Amazing Legs NOW!

P.S. - Remember, hundreds of women are now building beautiful legs simply by using my proven leg training system outlined in Killer Quads. You can be a success, too! You can have the same exact leg training system, but only if you take action now.

P.P.S. - This truly is a limited time offer and $47 is the absolute lowest price I will be offering it. You can come back tomorrow only to find the price of this leg training system has been changed to its original set price of $77.

Don't Hesitate, Take Action Now!

P.P.S. - We use ClickBank to process all of our orders. ClickBank uses the strongest security and anti-fraud features available in the world. Also, they never store your financial data in their system. If you have any questions about the safety of the ordering process, visit clickbank's website for details: www.clickbank.com.

P.P.P.S. - Let me say just one last thing: If you ever wanted to build beautiful and powerful legs, then there is no better opportunity for you than this one right here! It's up to you to take that action.

Here's how to order right now!

Click here for an instant download of the eBook. Once your credit card is approved, you will be taken to a special download page where you will download the eBook.

Purchase Online with Credit Card by Secure Server

Click Here NOW to download your copy!
It doesn't matter if it's 2:00 in the morning! 

You will be downloading and reading the eBook and incredible bonuses within just a few minutes... and using it to Build Your Legs!



leg training disasters reportEXPOSED!

Discover The 5 DEVASTATING Leg Training DISASTERS That Are Keeping YOUR Legs Underdeveloped!


report by e-mail


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